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Don’t Miss the Hopkins County “Salute the Veterans” Celebration

Salute the Veterans Veterans Day thank you sign
Celebrate Veterans Day in Sulphur Springs at the Hopkins County "Salute the Veterans" parade and family fest. This event is a great way to support our veterans and show appreciation for their brave service. Find details for these upcoming events below. History of Veterans Day Veterans Day was originally identified as Armistice Day... [read more]

Details on the Hopkins County Fall Festival

couple at Hopkins County Fall Festival
The Annual Hopkins County Fall Festival is a highly anticipated event. In fact, the official date for the festival is October 21-28, but festivities for this event begin well in advance! So, what should you expect? Here's some information about what's going on Sulphur Springs during the coming days of... [read more]

5 Unique Attractions You Will Only Find in Sulphur Springs

Sulphur Springs Attractions
Outhouses Made of Glass, Ice Cream Treats With An Old-Fashioned Flair, The Exciting Life of a WWII Soldier, A Collection Started by The Queen of Belgium, Playing in a One-Acre Wooden Castle are just a few of the unique things you can only do in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Buford Park A picnic and playtime for... [read more]